COROPATA PC Game Free Download

COROPATA is an Adventure, Platformer, and Casual game for PC published by LukPlus in 2021. The difficulty level is unusually high!

COROPATA PC Game 2021 Overview:

In a puzzle game that makes full use of physics, the wonderfulness of pixel art and the sense of accomplishment when it is cleared are truly the finest works.

In particular, it is difficult to deal with various invisible force fields (magnetic force, wind power, propulsive force, etc.) such as gravity. Perhaps there will be many people who are confused at stage 7 and get stuck at stage 8.

And the operability has been a bottleneck since the DS version. Unfortunately, this has not been improved either. As a particularly strict point, the zoom is not even compatible with the mouse wheel, and there is no choice but to move the cursor on the → gauge. Also, as it has been said since the DS era, it is not possible to make fine adjustments such as moving one square with the cursor keys, and there is no such thing as a grid display. When it comes to the detailed operability around here, it is very stressful, and it seems to be one of the reasons why it is difficult to recommend it to everyone.

However, based on these various problems, we predicted the invisible magnetic force, stared at the unimaginable movement of the iron ball, adjusted the fine position by trial and error, and finally the moment when the iron ball got stuck in the bucket. ..
If you can do your best until you clear this stage 8 on your own, you can definitely enjoy it.

Features of COROPATA:

  • A puzzle game with cute characters and pixel art.
  • If you know “The Incredible Machine”, it’s easy to understand if you think of it as a game that guides the characters in the game and achieves the purpose. Place the objects and let the character take action.
  • The music is nice
  • home-use machines

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 10 MB available space

File Size: 37.72 MB

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