Prison Architect Island Bound Free Download


Prison Architect Island Bound is an Action, Simulation and Strategy game for PC published by Paradox Interactive in 2020.

Prison Architect Island Bound PC Game 2020 Overview:

Our famous game comes back to hit us with a new DLC where you will be plan the escaping from an island.

Prison Architect Island Bound Free Download

The look of the game is like a floor plan, including it has a really cool design tool so you can scribble the area before building it wrong and toasting your money breaking walls redoing. In the USA it is very common to outsource the prison system, so the prison is a company that should make profits for its members and has the government as its client. In Prison Architect you will manage a prison the size of your imagination and the government will transfer as many prisoners as your prison supports and you will be paid for the work of detention and resocialization.

Well, you have to start prison from scratch and make it grow, so you really need to manage everything. It all starts with you creating a foundation, walls, dividing the rooms, choosing what each one will be. The game counts hundreds of objects, items for construction and renovation.

In the electrical part, you will need to run wires and you will need a generator, which has a limit load capacity, and in case of overload, it disarms leaving you in bad shape for some time on the verge of a rebellion, because many things in prison only work with energy. In the hydraulic part, we have a water pump that has connections with thin pipes and thick pipes for great distances, but they cost much more.

Features of Prison Architect Island Bound:

  • Better your jail’s performance by connecting docks, helipads, and paths to definite transmissions.
  • Tough Protection
  • Make your Island or United Island Plot
  • Control the globe’s most popular prison with 2 premade maps

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Minimum System Requirements:

File Size: 1.04 GB

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